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Break Pornography’s Hold; Weep before God….

So now you have to choose between an emotional hell or miraculous freedoms.

Drift yourself back through time to when you were free from pornography.

How was your life?

What was your focus?

Did you have dreams of something more?  


“You are my refuge.”

Weep unto the Lord

Porn has snared a person’s soul

Break down before God

Lift up the voice to mercy

Crying, “You are my refuge.”


O God, My Strength and Hope

Do Not Be Fooled; Pornography Persecutes the Soul.


Psalm 142


Dale Criswell






Pornography: Time-Sensitive Grace; Make Heart-Felt Choices

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Rewards: Peace and Purpose (http://godinterest.com/profile/133916)

Do you remember a time when you felt guilt, shame, and pain after another porn session?

Right now, re-experience that pain.

Get into the bleak state of that situation.

Concentrate all those negative energies to your heart.

Now answer three questions. (Do so on paper or Word Document.)

1. What do you love most?

2. What are you passionate about?

3. What would it feel like to loose all you love, passions?

Now, Make a Time-Sensitive Choice.


Find help. Therapist. 12 Step program. Support Group. Do it today.

Peace Fills,

Dale C.