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Fidelity Is Life; The Opposite Is Death.

The following verses are an adaptation of Psalm 85:10 – 12.

This morning, the Psalm helped me overcome depression.

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Virtue Looks Down from Heaven

Love meets faithfulness

Righteousness kisses one’s peace

Fidelity springs

Virtue looks down from heaven

God indeed gives what is good


Psalm 85


Dale Criswell

God’s Glory Is Your Recovery

The Right Hand of God frees souls from addictions.

As you read this poem, meditate on how the power of

God is greater than the universe.

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God’s Comfort Brings Peace

Soul’s music sings fresh tunes

Sunrise, Lyre, harp awaken

Higher than heavens

Love’s faithfulness reaches skies

Right Hand Saves Souls on the Earth


Psalm 108:1 – 6