Slipping Off A Slippery Slope.


My Cancer Fairytale

What in the hell do I mean? What a wonderful, beautiful, loving, moving, tearful, and happy testimony. After reading your, I am grateful to be called a Christian. Thanks,

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Life is a story.  The setting is loving parents and all the possibilities of the world, an ugly boy abandoned on the street tortured by all he encounters, or perhaps a past you would like to forget.  And we must have a conflict.  Cinderella is all the more beautiful for the cruelty she endured, Snow White can only be rescued by her prince because the witch seeks to kill her, and a story is not a fairytale unless there is a conflict.

Suffering does not always feel like a fairytale.  And that is why it is called “conflict.”  The world deals with suffering in numerous ways.  When confronted with pain, those that never acknowledged God before, then curse him.  Buddhism deals with pain by seeking stoicism.  Atheist run from pain, seeing that it serves no purpose.  Only in Christianity can pain and suffering be embraced.  What in the hell do I…

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Do We Understand Silence?

In less than one minute you will have a thought for an entire day.

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Do You Hear It?

The Master answered….

One disciple sat silent.

She gave more answers….

Why had not he asked questions?

“Silence distracted his thoughts.”

© 2015 By D. R. Criswell

Overcoming an addiction, many times, an individual must listen to the silence to find the answer.

Rid your life of unnecessary noise.

Solutions speak to the heart




Pornography destroys, however, there is hope; Seeking first to understand and then be understood. Searching to understand your partner works both ways; yet, a solid marital relationship works better with the man initiating the listening first

Hopeful Wife Today


After my husband decided we were going to be silent about his past pornography addiction, we went on as usual with our life. Shortly after, I became pregnant with our fourth child. We were ecstatic and felt very blessed. I was excited because it gave me a new focus after being in such sorrow. However, it did not change the fact that my husband and I never talked about any of the hard issues.

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You are a gift!

Thank you, Jennifer. I forget that I am a gift to others. I have moments (many) when I think only about me of how am I a gift to me. I am a gift to others. Thanks so much.

Parents In Recovery-


“Today, in the midst of your busy life, may you have at least one moment to sit back & relax, when you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere in particular… But mostly in that moment, may you realizehere & now what a gift your life is, not just to you, but to everyone who knows you.” Author Unknown

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Addiction Recovery; The Biggest Problem with Arriving at the Pinnacle

As You Read the Following Poem, you will witness an unseen beauty.

The beauty is right inside you?

Suppose you could find the one secret that gives you hope, what would you do for it?

Ponder each verse of the poem to feel the meaning for your life.

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Where Does One End?

Can any Bargain

Follow the heavens beyond

Enlightenment; Is

Difficult or easy, Why?

Ants never reach  pinnacles

There are very few people who reach self-awareness.

Critical thinking comes from asking questions, and understanding comes from self-awareness.   Having awareness opens understanding to your purpose.

320px-Michael_Spiller_-_twisty_forest_paths_(by-sa)Where do you want to go?

What do you what to do?

Who do you want to become?

Whose love do you want?

Joyfully explore the feelings that you are feeling.  God guides you through your conscience.

Very few people reach the zenith of self-awareness.

Thank God that you are not an ant.

You can Look beyond the earth into God’s heart for enlightenment.


Psalm 145

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Dale Criswell

Pornography: Understanding the 3 D’s of Self-Loathing

Understanding the 3 D’s of Self-Loathing

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could rid yourself of depression, distress, and despair with one simple shift?

I would like to help you experience a sense of hope.

Strengthening your resolve, you see a better future.

Search for each of the 3 D’s found in Self-Loathing:

  1. Depression
  2. Distress
  3. Despair

Mirrors of the Minds

Which “D” am I?

Her oppressions wail

Crying bitterness of plight

Oppressing complaint

Which “D” am I?

Having eyes of flesh

Her days like mortal women

Misses life’s purpose

Which “D” am I?


Lucid anguish through her thoughts

Who can deliver?

Shift the Meaning of your Feelings.

I have assigned one “D” to each poem.

However, you will likely have different experiences.  Perhaps, you are experiencing distress, despair, or depression.  What do you do?

The thoughts forming in your mind are causing feelings even if they are true or not.  You are in charge of how you think.

Now, Let’s Discover How to Shift Your Thoughts to Hope.

Experts call the method “Shifting.”


  • Be Aware

Whenever your thoughts drift onto negative energies, your physiology experiences a depletion of positive feelings.  You feel the change.

  • Shift Thoughts

Remove a negative thought with a positive thought.  You simply take an opposite point of view of the negative.

  • Focus

Focus on the positive thought until you experience empowering feelings.

  • Act

Do Something Positive Immediately.

  • Experience Hope

Notice How Cravings for Pornography Leave You.

Hope becomes the main focus.


Job 10:1 – 5


Hope Flows with Life


Dale Criswell