How To Find Peace; About the Author

In 1995, I started keeping a devotional.  It was quite by accident.

I was reading the book Super Self by the late Charles Givens.

In his book, he suggested that readers put together a journal called: My Life’s Blueprint. The journal had places to put Dreams, Goals, Action Plans, Time Management, and Values.

I followed Givens suggestion.  However, there was one area that Givens had not mentioned.  I added a devotional section to the journal.

Life was never the same.  Peace filled the void.

Since then, I have written several thousand devotions (scripture and inspirational readings with my thoughts).

In the morning, first thing, I would read the Books of Psalms or Proverbs.  I then would record a particular verse that gave me strength.

Self-awareness guided decisions.

Hope for improvement became a reality; a little bit every day.

Peace Fills.



One response to “How To Find Peace; About the Author

  1. I have tagged you in my post “A Loving Army” Dale, dedicated to you.

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