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a spiritual awakening

Relationships: Love Tight Sealed

Tightly Sealed!

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Married couple asked

“How shall we make love endure?”

“Love things together.”

(Mello, 1985, p. 111)


Song of Solomon 1:12 – 17  (NKJV)




Mello, A. (1987, April). One minute wisdom. p. 111. Lonavia; India. Retrieved from

Addiction Recovery: Cautious Envy; Affectionate Peace; Proverbs 14:30



Peaceful mountain stream flows through lush forest , Doi Inthanon National Park Thailand


Peace Offers a Host of High Energy Emotions.

What does pornography offer you?

Long-term emotions, what Low Energy Emotions Does  pornography deluge you?

Proverbs 14:30  New International Version (NIV)

30 A heart at peace gives life to the body,
    but envy rots the bones.

Peace comes to those who find recovery from addiction.



10 Things I’ll Try to Remember When I’m Overwhelmed. [List]

The Fruits of the Spirit Come from the Spirit of Christ. Great Post! We are Christ like when we live in the Spirit.

Addiction Recovery: Much Sorrow; More Grief

By the time you finish reading this short post, you will see that addiction recovery is possible. Please take your time and analyze each word.

You don’t know it yet, but help is readily available for you.  Starting with the poem read on….

Much Wisdom; More Sorrow

The More Knowledge; the More Grief

SPIRIT Cleansing Soul

(Ecclesiastes 1:18-NIV)

During the first 12 months of recovery, I experience much sorrow but more grief.

 Gaining wisdom, I understood more and more how I affected my family, associates, and friends.  For example,  the objectification of women spilled over into objectification of women in the family.

The body does not care how it satisfies itself; it works on automaton.  Even so, I had to contain my roaming eyes; however, it took much effort.

Featured imageImage: (Floyd, 2014)

“Oh my Lord God, please have mercy on me; forgive me,” I pray.

I had much sorrow and more grief rip through me in an awareness and repentance.

I saw my addiction in how unmanageable my life had become.

The new wisdom that I obtained caused me to see me as I was.

However, after the first 12 months, I embrace the sorrow and grief to keep me clean.

I have been sober for 17 months.  I now experience much happiness and more joy but not without a watchful heart.


Ecclesiastes Chapter One 


Dale Criswell


Floyd, R. (2014, August 13). The prayer life of a pastor. Ronnie’s Blog. Retrieved from

The rainbows of life follow the storm.

Whirlwind of emotions

Nature is more than a scientist; an engineer. It is an artist.  Designing beautiful, bold and striking masterpieces – the universe, the solar system, the oceans. Even in destruction there is beauty. A hurricane, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption. These are devastating occurrences that cause endless pain and suffering to those that are affected. On the other hand, these very calamities bring about a sense of excitement; a rush of adrenaline at the mere mention of them to those whose livelihoods depend on these very phenomenons occurring. An onlooker no doubt will have different emotions and experiences as compared to those directly affected. Yet these experiences exist, within the same time, due to the same cause and reason, and are so varied in nature they become incomparable.

Relationships are much like nature; scientific, engineered with a hint of an artistic flair. Beautiful and ugly. Calm and turbulent. Successful and ruining…

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I’m Sorry

A moving reality of abuse. The statistic on two women die each week from domestic violence. The poem moved me to the core. Thanks,

Making it write


I’m sorry I’m stupid and sluggish and slow
I’m sorry  for being me
I’m sorry I’m ludicrous, futile and foolish
I’m sorry for this apology
I’m sorry I forgot to put out the bin
I’m as sorry as can be

I’m sorry as soon as I open my mouth
I have to apologise
I’m sorry the sides of your face turn down
Each time I look in your eyes
I’m sorry whenever I speak the truth
That all you can hear are lies

I’m sorry for hurting your fist with my face
I’m sorry your skin has been marred
I’m sorry for making a dent in the wall
By landing against it so hard
I’m sorry I’m struggling to get off the floor
Because my back is so jarred.

I’m sorry as soon as you drive away
I’ll be limping out of the door
I’m sorry I met you, I’m…

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