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Overcome Porn with Joy; Gratitude Is an Empowering Emotion

As I read through all the Psalms and Proverbs of the day that I scheduled, gratitude empowered me to resist pornography.

An interesting note, when I had a strong urge to view pornography, I would read out of the Psalms or Proverbs or one of the Gospels to resist it.  The cravings left me.

To this day, I know that the scriptures enveloped me with a shield reflecting total submission to porn. I had hope.   God corrected me for my misdeeds; however, he guided me to freedom. I shouted for joy!

Gratitude(Beattie, 2015)

Psalm 98: 1 – 9

Marvelous new song

His Right Arm brings salvation

To God, shout for joy

The harp and new music sings

Trumpet and ram’s horn blast joy


Dale Criswell


Beattie, M. (2015). Gratitude. The Coastal Center. Norwell; MA. Retrieved from

What Are the Three Key Principles of Life?

How to make a good finish…

Here’s what you’ll discover; The Cycle of Life.

Just take a brief look at the following words.

The Cycle of Life 

 Beginning, Middle, and the End

Just a little child

Do not know how to carry

Duties to the end

Give discerning heart to live

So I am yours in the end

What are the three principles?

Learn the story of King Solomon and live.


I Kings 3:4 – 15


Dale Criswell