I’m Sorry

A moving reality of abuse. The statistic on two women die each week from domestic violence. The poem moved me to the core. Thanks,

Making it write


I’m sorry I’m stupid and sluggish and slow
I’m sorry  for being me
I’m sorry I’m ludicrous, futile and foolish
I’m sorry for this apology
I’m sorry I forgot to put out the bin
I’m as sorry as can be

I’m sorry as soon as I open my mouth
I have to apologise
I’m sorry the sides of your face turn down
Each time I look in your eyes
I’m sorry whenever I speak the truth
That all you can hear are lies

I’m sorry for hurting your fist with my face
I’m sorry your skin has been marred
I’m sorry for making a dent in the wall
By landing against it so hard
I’m sorry I’m struggling to get off the floor
Because my back is so jarred.

I’m sorry as soon as you drive away
I’ll be limping out of the door
I’m sorry I met you, I’m…

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