Addiction Recovery; The Biggest Problem with Arriving at the Pinnacle

As You Read the Following Poem, you will witness an unseen beauty.

The beauty is right inside you?

Suppose you could find the one secret that gives you hope, what would you do for it?

Ponder each verse of the poem to feel the meaning for your life.

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Where Does One End?

Can any Bargain

Follow the heavens beyond

Enlightenment; Is

Difficult or easy, Why?

Ants never reach  pinnacles

There are very few people who reach self-awareness.

Critical thinking comes from asking questions, and understanding comes from self-awareness.   Having awareness opens understanding to your purpose.

320px-Michael_Spiller_-_twisty_forest_paths_(by-sa)Where do you want to go?

What do you what to do?

Who do you want to become?

Whose love do you want?

Joyfully explore the feelings that you are feeling.  God guides you through your conscience.

Very few people reach the zenith of self-awareness.

Thank God that you are not an ant.

You can Look beyond the earth into God’s heart for enlightenment.


Psalm 145

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Dale Criswell

3 responses to “Addiction Recovery; The Biggest Problem with Arriving at the Pinnacle

  1. Reblogged this on How to Stop Pornography Addiction and commented:

    Your Life Is All about Purpose. You Are Designed to Make a Difference. What You Choose Is Fine with God. Joyful feelings reveal whether your choice is good or not.

  2. Beautiful, simple, and very clear. This is a wonderful post as always Dale, and for me at least, well timed.
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Jane. I am grateful for your support. I once heard Dr. Stephen Covey say that when the light bulb turns on in his brain, he knew that he had something to share. Though it took me four hours to write, the brain’s light flipped on. Thanks,

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