Are You A Gentleman?

Yes! These are the feelings that are not forgotten. Wonderful!!

Ann's Corner

Old world gentlemanly charm still exists! I have PROOF!

At Square dance tonight, I was dancing with an elderly man for the last three dances. When it was over I heard him behind me saying something about a hat and coat, but I was not paying a whole lot of attention, until I got my down vest from the chair and he proceeded to take it from me and hold it up so that I could put my arms into it. Then I reached for my coat and he said, “Might as well get that one too!” And took it from me to hold it up for me to slip into. I said “Thank you. You are very kind.” And we parted ways.

I could not help the beaming smile on my face as I thought about this on the way home. Was he missing his late wife…

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