Sexual Addiction: No-Nonsense Advice

Featured imageDesire without knowledge is not good—how much more will hasty feet miss the way! (Proverb 19:2, 2011, NIV).

I am 62 years old.  Quite often, I wondered about my youth–how things could have been.

Back then, I would get excited about any new skills that I had developed.  Public speaking was one.

I remembered a time when a pastor asked me to speak to his church.

At the end of the talk, people came to the altar seeking peace.  Because of that one incident, I thought about being a pastor.

At the time, I was on and off pornography.  Now, I believe that I did well at the church because I needed peace.

Now, I am grateful that nothing came of that type of work.

Having a sexual addiction, I fear what would have happened to the people I was to serve.

Now, I am retired; or, as my therapist calls it, “Re-fired!”  The 2014 year has been the best one of my life.

Sobriety has helped me to see clearly.

Now, my feelings from gratitude are profound.

No-nonsense advice: Get Sober.





Proverb 19:2. (2011). Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.  Biblica, Inc.®. Retrieved from

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