Pornography: Discover the Two Most Important Emotions in the World

Featured image Is there a single evil in the world that cannot be traced back to fear (Mello, 1990, p. 62)?

Think about it.

Is there any good in the world that is not traced back to love (p. 62)?

Pornography is evil–a violence that is based in fear.

Relationships that are based in fidelity are rooted in trust or love.

Pornography is not victimless.  Because porn is based in evil, everyone who is involved becomes a victim.

More than 50% of married men in America view porn at least once a month; moreover, approximately the same percentage of Christian men watch pornography on a monthly basis (PR Newswire, 2014).

Fear or Love, what rules your heart?

When you experience fear, remember, love overcomes evil.


Mello, A. D. (1990). Awareness. p. 62. New York; NY: Doubleday.

PR Newswire. (2014, August 14). How many Christians do you think watch porn? Lynchburg; VA. Retrieved from


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