How to Empty Discomfort from Your Life


Discover Clarity: Find Comfort

Devotionals for Men and Women;

These Devotions Give You Clarity.

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort”- 2 Corinthian 1:3.

Discomfort: Low intensity, uncomfortable feelings bother you because they produce low levels of discomfort. You don’t know why, but you feel things are not quite right.

You feel boredom, unease or a slight distress.

You just feel off; things are not going right.

Power: Having Clarity Gives Comfort

Lesson: Become clear. Decide what you want. Make a decision.

Strength: Focus on what you want most. Confess what you want most. And, do only the things that you want most. This is clarity.  

Shadow: Focsusing on Discomfort. Wearing it as a “Badge of Courage” instead of discovering why you feel the way you do.

Is there a decision you have been putting off? Then, Follow the 3 secret steps.

Three Secret Steps (ask God for help):

  1. God, what’s the most important thing in my life now? 
  2. God, what’s the best way to confess what I want without sounding religious? (confession creates peak states of mind, faith)
  3. And, God, what do I need to do right now to anchor clarity into my life?

Be ready; have pencil and paper in hand; sometimes, God  answers quite quickly.

When answers come, do something immediately to give you clarity.

To your peace,

P.S. Daily read and meditate on the scriptures. The words you read give you clarity and then comfort. This is God’s way.


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